Caterpillar C27 Generator Sets: It's Not What's Said, It's What it Does!

Posted by Depco Power on Thu, Oct 27, 2016

When speaking about the famous Caterpillar C27 Generator Sets, the expectation is that the technical aspects and features of the product will receive all the attention. However, it is sometimes better to see what the C27 does and is doing. Those employing it in their business say by action what their words really mean. Deployed to some of the most important construction and dredging projects, the C27 keeps performing at optimal levels.


An east coast marine construction company just purchased two C27's. After they had spent millions developing its most technologically advance barge, a 180- x 65- x 12-foot crane dredge. This barge is its largest. Designed for two purposes, the immediate demand encompassed fulfillment of a contract to build a walking spud deck. 

With that much invested, the company turned to the C27 to power and complete its contractual obligations by building the spud deck and to change the face of the company, simultaneously. That's the second purpose. By building its massive barge, the company can now compete with the big companies -- no longer just a 20 yard dredge company. It is that type of confidence that speak to the power and reliability of the C27 in a way no words can.

It is no secret that Caterpillar continues to innovate its products. This goes beyond just competition as it addresses the continued vitality of the company. 

The other example belongs to Caterpillar, the builder of the C27.

It in its quest to provide excellent products that envision future technologies and customer needs, Caterpillar has incorporated ACERT technology in its newest iteration of the 6015B mining shovel. Always thinking "green", always promoting fuel savings, always engineering in the latest technologies, Caterpillar's investment in its own products is no different from the east coast marine construction company's when it comes to risk. They don't want any.

Caterpillar invested heavily developing fuel systems for its products. The mining shovel incorporates those technological innovations. Getting it out to the customers and letting them evaluate the newest systems is the best advertising Caterpillar can receive. It is therefore understandable why Caterpillar wants everything to go right.

Again, like the marine construction company, Caterpillar deployed the C27 to the do job. Confidence in a product, especially in a growth and development period for a company, says it all. The C27 generator set is a "Go To" product in the line of its many generators. That is why the C27's deployment to applications like Bore/Drill Rigs, Chippers/Grinders, Construction, Cranes, Dredgers, Forestry, Hydraulic Power Units, Irrigation Equipment, Material Handling, Mobile Earth moving Equipment, Paving Equipment, Pumps, Shovels/Draglines, Surface Hauling Equipment and Trenchers makes it ubiquitous.

Knowing the history of the C27 raises curiosity about it specs. Discovering what makes it tick, and tick so well, is understandable. It has an ACERT engine with a 597 - 858 bkW @ 1800 - 2100 rpm. It meets the EPA Tier 2 equivalent emission standards and for regulated and non regulated regions, the U.S. EPA Flexibility versions are obtainable. It's V 12, 4-stroke diesel engine, with a 5.4 in bore and a stroke of 6.0 in, begins the story that uncovers the source of its power. The displacement is 1649.5 in cubed completes that story when it turbocharged aftercooled aspiration is included. It has a direct injection combustion system and from its flywheel end it possesses a counterclockwise rotation.

It pumps out an incredible 800 to 1150 bhp, underscoring its use in so many different types of operations. It possess the ability to co-join with other generators, as it was with the spud deck's construction. With a history of power and reliability coupled with the innovative technology Caterpillar incorporates in its design, the C27 will continue to meet the demands of the future.

Contact us, Depco Power System, to learn more about the many tasks the C27 tackles, it features and its specs. 


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