How To Shop For Used Caterpillar QSX15 Generator Sets

Posted by Depco Power on Tue, Nov 29, 2016

Shopping for used equipment is one of the best ways to save a significant amount of money. Although you want to have a generator, you don't want to spend top dollar. Even if it is being purchased as capital equipment, you don't want to go broke because of this investment. Taking the time to shop for used Caterpillar QSX15 generator sets can pay off in a big way.

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There are simply some things you want to look at so that you get a quality set at a great price.

How Used Is It?

There is a difference between “almost new” and used. It is going to impact the number of hours it has been in use, how the system has been maintained, and what the overall appearance of the unit is. Although many of the Caterpillar QSX15 generator sets on the market are still close to new, there are some that have been used more than others.

You cannot go simply based upon the age of the equipment. This is why, within the product descriptions, you have the ability to read the number of hours since new. It may be 50, 200, 300, or several thousand. Understanding this number will make it easier to determine whether the generator set is going to last you a long time or not. Without looking, you don't know how it has been used – and this is when companies get into trouble.

What are the Specifications?

There's a difference between generator and generator sets. As such, you want to make sure that you are reading through the specifications to find out what is included within your generator set. This includes such things as the enclosure, fuel tank, batteries, battery chargers, and even mufflers.

All of these will generally be used just as your generator is used. It may be helpful to ask a few questions of the dealer so that you know exactly what you are getting. For example, is the fuel tank as old as the generator or when were the batteries changed? You will want to know this to help you determine overall value.

The reality is, price isn't the only factor. When you take the time to learn more about what you are buying, it can result in a better overall piece of equipment for you.

What Warranty is There?

Especially when you are buying used equipment, you want to find out what kind of warranty is in place. Otherwise, you run the risk of only getting a few hours of use out of the generator, and then stopping entirely. The reality is, you don't know what kind of environment the generator has been exposed to in the past. When you go to use it for backup energy, you don't want there to be any problems.

There may be a manufacturer warranty in place. If there isn't, you need to look to the distributor/dealer in order to provide you with one. If the dealer doesn't provide this, then you may want to reconsider purchasing your used generator set from them. Those that provide warranties are also the ones that take the time to inspect and service the unit so that you can get the most for your money.

You should always be looking at value. Used generator sets can be the most affordable option to you. As long as you look at how used it is, the specifications, and the warranty, you can get a high value for your purchase. It will allow you to continue to use the generator for years to come.

Learn more about Caterpillar QSX15 generator sets by contacting Depco Power System for details today.


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