Caterpillar C9 Generator Set: Already a Big Success

Posted by Depco Power on Tue, Oct 25, 2016

No sooner did the Caterpillar C9 Generator Set (version:C9.3Acert) debut on the market than buyers leaped at the chance to buy this generator set. Still, three C9's arrived in Spain ready for work -- hardly before the newest line of C9 generator sets hit the showroom floor, debuting at WorkBoat in late 2015. The C9, unlike other generator sets possesses a special quality that the products of Caterpillar's competitors sorely lack.


The design of the C9 did not come completely from Caterpillar's engineers. This time, Caterpillar decided to combine customer feedback with engineering expertise. The customer input went far beyond just suggestions, the ideas expressed by the users lead to an engine with higher load capacities, expanding its commercials uses.

The gathering of information also meant interpreting it. To give credence to user input, bringing customer's idea to fruition directly from the factory, a host of attachments now complete the package of potential applications embodied in the C9. Now able to drive deck cranes, winches, and pumps, The C9 fulfills customer expectations more completely, expanding its utility while increasing its marketability in the lower power range.

The Cat C9.3 ACERT Marine platform, is an EPA Tier 3 compliant set gives Caterpillar scalability, while continuing to promote green technology. It is their first EPA Tier 3 generator set introduced to the North American marketplace. Catepillar continues to expand its introduction of ACERT technology in its many products.

The C9 is no exception. First employed by Caterpillar in 2003, the technology combines four systems to effectively reduce emissions. Air management, precision combustion, advanced electronics and after-treatment work together to meet current regulatory emission standards. Additionally, the generator sets have received MCS approval, assuring its customers that the generators meet the quality assurance standards of the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Still continuing as a reliable set for standby, prime and load management applications, any of the emission compliant changes do not impact its power, fuel economy and reliability. The engine is 8.8 liters and operates at 60 Hz.

The other features that users convinced Caterpillar to include, improve, or keep include its HEUI fuel systems that use cross-flow cylinder heads, forming the basis of the ACERT technology, controlled specifically by the ADEM A4 controller. Control of the air-to-air cooling system, as are many of the generator's components, involves the EMCP 3 control system that is the primary control component within the C9's control system. The generator is brushless with Class H insulation. 

The power connections possess location options to enhance the generator's set utility for various situations, while offering a multiple control panel with an enhanced packaged-mounted circuit breakers.

It is clear the Caterpillar has listened to its customers who possess the experience to know what a generator set needs to meet their demands - both customary and unique. 

The marine platform's propulsion produces 375, 416, and 476 bhp at 1800, 2100, and 2300 rpm, respectively for the options available. 

The auxiliary provides 369 and 436 bhp at 1800 rpm or 292 and 362 bhp at 1500 rpm.

The generator Set is as follows: 224 ekW - 300 ekW at 60Hz or 185 ekW - 250e kW at 50Hz.

With the specifics of the C9's latest iteration known, the curiosity about sales and market impact surface in Caterpillar's overseas projects. Namely, Egypt's Suez Canal. Many Caterpillar products helped expand the Canal to meet the growing size of the ships passing through its waters. Behind the scene, powering the many operations, stood the outstanding line of generator sets deployed to specific jobs that served to get the job done. 

Contact us, Depco Power System, to learn more about the C9 and its recent iteration, the C9.3 ACERT. Learn about it features, accessories, and capabilities and discover how being a customer gives you a voice in the design of Caterpillar's products.   





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